Hunter Biden – A Love Story

Welcome back to the Ann & Phelim Scoop. On today’s show, we announce our first project of 2024 – a new verbatim podcast covering the battle between Mark Steyn and Michael Mann. It will be called Climate Change: On Trial. This case is the defamation and free speech trial of the century. But first, we begin the episode with an LA Times story about Hollywood’s latest golden couple. No, it’s not A-list celebrities. It’s just Hunter Biden and his sleazy lawyer, Kevin Morris. We, however,  bring you the true story of the relationship between Biden and Morris in a lot fewer words. 

And in not-so-shocking news, we report that Pennsylvania has learned absolutely nothing since the conviction of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. Dan Bartkowiak of the Pennsylvania Family Institute joins us to discuss the state of abortion in Pennsylvania. Additionally, Colorado’s latest environmental scheme will have you howling, quite literally. We also show how your tax dollars are going to support the families of martyrs, or, terrorists who spent their last days killing Jews. Last but not least, we also speak to a reporter, Aaron Sibarium of the Washington Free Beacon, who had a large part in bringing down Harvard president Claudine Gay. We discuss what this all means for the future of destructive DEI policies and journalism. This is a packed episode you won’t want to miss!