Free Speech vs. Climate Alarmism

Welcome back to the Ann and Phelim Scoop! We bring you today’s episode all the way from Washington, DC, where the free speech trial of the century is taking place. You might remember that broadcaster Mark Steyn is in the middle of a twelve-year legal battle because he called out Michael Mann’s shoddy science in the hockey stick graph, which reveals the spike in global temperatures following the Industrial Revolution after having remained stable for a thousand years. Funny enough, there’s no consideration of the Medieval Warming period or the Little Ice Age, but Steyn targeted one of the Left’s favorite orthodoxies, so of course, he’s being dragged through the courts.

The trial between Professor Michael Mann and broadcaster Mark Steyn will determine whether climate alarmism or free speech is going to be the rule of the land. So we’ll be covering it through our new verbatim podcast – Climate Change: On Trial. We will have re-enactments of the day’s most dramatic testimony and you can get a taste of day one of the trial on the Scoop today. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.