Finding The Cure For Inflation – With Steve Forbes

We have two different but crucial interviews on today’s Scoop. We meet with the one and only Steve Forbes to discuss the cure for inflation and how leadership for ages have used scapegoats for their economic failures. We then approach the hard but true reality that most orphanages are actually scams to donors and children with adoption and orphan care advocate, Megan Boudreaux. Megan fills us in on how orphanages often rely on separating children from existing families to maintain profits and how we can change the narrative that institutionalizing children is the best option. Since it’s Thanksgiving week, we take a moment to go over all we are thankful for this year at the Unreported Society. To our incredible donors who helped us make so many important projects possible – from “My Son Hunter” to the “Serial Killer” podcast – please know we couldn’t do it without your support. Also, more on woke Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein. You don’t want to miss it.