Episode #9: Mark Steyn, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Brexit & More!

On episode #9 of The Ann & Phelim Scoop, we are joined by the incredible author and conservative commentator Mark Steyn! Our dear friend Mark invited us on the second annual Mark Steyn Cruise earlier this month, which made its way from Vancouver to Alaska. It was a wonderful experience. While on the ship, we filmed a very special live podcast episode that we’re excited to share with you.

We met Mark “virtually” in February 2007 when he wrote kindly about our documentary Mine Your Own Business in the Orange County Register. We finally met in person in Washington, D.C. a few years later and we share the hilarious story of our first meeting on this week’s podcast episode.

Mark also discussed his frequent appearances and commentary on the Rush Limbaugh Show and his gave his opinions on American politics, including his suggestion that we never become “emotionally invested” in politicians.

On episode #8, we also discussed the latest Brexit and UK news and Mark shared his thoughts on the newest British Prime Minister and his former colleague on the Spectator magazine, Boris Johnson. We learn the very interesting reason Boris was late for one of the very famous and very boozy Spectator lunches. We covered “Brexit Derangement Syndrome” and how it compares to “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Mark also talked about what he finds most “refreshing” about President Donald Trump.