Episode #5: The Climate Crisis Has Been Solved!

On episode #5 of The Ann & Phelim Scoop, we bring you the exciting news that the Climate Crisis has been solved! At least it seems to be solved according to former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama. The pair recently bought a 6,900 square foot mansion in Martha’s Vineyard with beach access. No sign of rising sea-levels there. Also, the Marriott Hotel chain’s “green choice program” recently faced some backlash from labor unions as it finally has affected activists. The rich can afford the green indulgences but it is the poor that suffer the most.

In our latest “Crazy California” segment we update the world on the so-called homeless crisis on the West Coast and how Los Angeles just seems to want to encourage it. Then we look behind the scenes at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Arizona where a former employee was awarded $3 million dollars in damages for wrongful termination after she raised safety concerns that were endangering women’s health.

We also cover the latest “cultural” news from Hollywood. Hollywood never sleeps in its war against its customers in middle America. This week’s movie review is box office hit Angel Has Fallen – a not so secret pro-Trump film – a fact that mainstream critics seem to have missed. Ann’s recipe for this episode is a delicious bread and butter pudding style dessert made with stale croissants, maple syrup, and berries. This is a recipe you won’t want to miss!

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