Episode #33: Trump’s New Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows & Also Greta vs. James Woods

On this week’s episode of The Ann & Phelim Scoop, we can finally share our photos from our meeting with President Donald Trump in the White House! Make sure you check out this week’s episode on YouTube so you can see just how excited we were to meet with the president.

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This week, President Trump announced that he is appointing Mark Meadows to be his next Chief-of-Staff. We share some wonderful stories about Meadows and why we think he’ll be an excellent addition to the president’s staff. Unsurprisingly, the left has gone out of their minds about this appointment. We discuss all of the details. Additionally, we cover the strange verdict in the Harvey Weinstein trail and our expectations for his upcoming sentencing.

The Democratic race has narrowed quite significantly since our last episode. We discuss the recently narrowed field and the left’s double standard on identity politics. Also, in our “Crazy California” segment, we cover the absurd new AB-5 law, which categorizes “gig economy” workers as employees. The law has already resulted in thousands of lost jobs among freelancers in California, and will likely continue to do so. Even left-leaning Vox has already laid off hundreds of freelance writers.

The world celebrated International Women’s Day earlier this week and teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg had a few things to say about it but actor James Woods, then responded with one of his classic tweets. We cover all of the details. Finally, we discuss some upcoming films coming out of Hollywood – the good and the bad.

Trump Meeting Photos 1:05
Mark Meadows 2:45
Harvey Weinstein Verdict 6:53
Democratic Race 16:18
Hillary Clinton & Margaret Thatcher 20:45
Sarah Palin 28:26
Crazy California 29:45
International Women’s Day 36:30
Movies 50:00