Episode #15: The Epstein Coverup, David Daleiden v. Planned Parenthood, the Exxon “Climate Trial,” and MORE!

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LAX Story/CA Blackouts 1:45
Our trip to England! 4:15
Globalization of Trump Derangement/UK Ban on Fracking 4:45
Phelim At The Battle Of Ideas 7:44
Ann At The Battle of Ideas, Life of Brian 10:54
Brompton Oratory 18:49
Cardinal Newman 19:50
Exxon Climate Trial 24:03
David Daleiden Trial 32:45 #EpsteinCoverup: 39:38
The Art of Racing in the Rain 44:22
Red Pepper Soup Recipe 46:35
Amazon Smile 50:55

On this week’s episode of The Ann & Phelim Scoop we battle Scaredy Cat and Top Cat at their most energetic to discuss the Epstein/ABC “coverup,” David Daleiden’s ongoing court battle against Planned Parenthood, the Exxon “Climate Trial,” and much more. Scaredy and Top obviously missed us and wanted to make up for us being in Ireland/UK for two weeks.

In the podcast we update you on our time in the UK and how Brexit never happened and why Boris Johnson is turning out to be a disappointment to many. We have the latest update from David Daleiden vs Planned Parenthood trial in San Francisco. In court, David revealed why he is proud of the work he did with the Center for Medical Progress’ undercover investigation. Tune in to hear our full discussion on his response.

Also, on Tuesday, Project Veritas released yet another bombshell video. Their video exposes how ABC refused to cover the Jeffrey Epstein story despite having interviewed his victims. According to ABC anchor Amy Robach, it was pressure from the Clinton’s and the British Royal family which stopped the allegations from being broadcast.

On the podcast, Phelim also reveals EXCLUSIVE video from the so-called ExxonMobile “Climate Trial.” Environmental activists proclaim that Exxon knew they were “destroying the planet” but chose to continue in the pursuit of profit. In actuality, this isn’t much of a “climate trial” at all – it’s a nothingburger. We discuss at length.