DV #77: Governor Cuomo Is Writing A Book & Liberal Paradise New Zealand Is Delaying Their Election

We hope you didn’t have to watch the DNC Convention last night which was full of pandering from politicians who believed that they had the “secret sauce” of lockdowns and restrictions that stopped the coronavirus.  Most ridiculous by far was Governor “Hot Spot” Cuomo who continues to double down on his lie that he beat the coronarvirus despite over 32,000 New Yorkers dying from the virus.  And now, he’s writing a book, all about how he handled the pandemic.  You won’t believe what it’s called and when it’s set to be released!

We also bring you some frightening news from New Zealand.  Prime Minister and liberal hero, Jacinda Arden, has decided to postpone the country’s election due to fears of the coronavirus.  In the whole country there are only 1,600 confirmed cases!  Remember when President Trump threatened to stall the election?  Let’s just say the Prime Minister is getting a much different response. 

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