DV #76: Is The Media Is Grasping At Straws To Keep COVID Fear High?

The mainstream media is grasping at straws as their “lockdown forever” narrative continues to fall apart.  Today we bring you the latest story in a mainstream media giant that should have never been published.  It’s another case of speculation driven journalism that is furthering the COVID fear and panic!

Also on today’s episode we bring you the latest on Governor Hot Spot Cuomo and the debacle with the 9/11 Memorial that was scheduled to honor the fallen.  It was canceled due “coronavirus safety” – but thanks to public pressure it is back on!  We show you why it was so incredibly hypocritical that the memorial was even threatened in the first place. 

Today we bring you a funny (or not so funny) story from across the pond.  In Ireland, the chairman of the tourism board has resigned in quite the scandal after he was caught on holiday in Italy!  Don’t miss this story!

Finally – the Roaring 20s are back and it’s not what you think.  Speakeasies, hidden parties – in lockdown states it looks like a scene from The Great Gatsby – without the economic prosperity! 

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