DV #56: Newsom’s Second Lockdown Begins

Yesterday Gavin Newsom announced his second lockdown which will close indoor dining in 19 California counties which make up the majority of California’s population.  The new regulations will devastate businesses that have just begun to recover from Newsom’s original lockdown.  The new regulations also close all bars in the 19 counties — will they close permanently?  We discuss what these new rules mean and the hypocrisy behind them.  Why do looters and rioters get a free pass while small business owners are being punished? 

Further, we discuss who is exempt from Newsom’s new rules.  All tribal casinos will not be forced to comply with the new rules — what sense does that make?!  In California it’s quite comical — Governor Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti have announced new restrictions for businesses and bans on gatherings in their daily press conferences — which have been disrupted by BLM protesters.  How can the mayor of Los Angeles ban gatherings while a massive gathering is happening during his press conference?!

Also on today’s episode, we talk about some shady graphs in the New York Times and the return of “green policies” that have been abandoned due to the virus.  

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