DV #55: Is Another Lockdown Coming?

We are not happy.  After three months of torture from unelected government bureaucrats it feels like we are going all the way back to the full lockdown we had just a few weeks ago.  Except it’s worse because we know none of these new rules are based on science.  Los Angeles County has closed all of their beaches for the July 4th weekend.  Governor Gavin Newsom has mandated that several counties close their bars, wineries, and nightclubs.  And yet not too long ago these politicians were promoting mass protests in the streets.  But if you ask them whether the rise in cases could be contributed to the Black Lives Matter protests — they roll their eyes and blame the bars.  It is complete madness. 

On today’s episode we examine the rollback of reopening in states like California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas.  We also take a look at a Texas doctor’s analysis of what is really happening in the new “hot spot” where cases have risen.  It’s not what the media wants you to believe.  These new cases are much younger, healthier, and some barely even present symptoms.  

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