DV #116: Postpone Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is almost here and we are getting ready to defy the long list of silly orders from Gavin Newsom and his tyrannical minions!  In Los Angeles we now have a 10PM curfew, a complete ban on indoor and outdoor dining, and a ban on gatherings.  But like many of our fellow Californians, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving as planned! 

On today’s episode we bring you more COVID craziness around the upcoming holiday. The New York Times says we should postpone Thanksgiving until May when we will have “more to be thankful for.”  But isn’t the point of gratitude to recognize your blessings in the darkest of times?  We discuss. 

Also on today’s episode we break down the school closures that are spreading across the United States.  Will students ever recover?  Will the absence rates plaguing the country become dropouts?  We discuss this and more! 

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