DV 108# Remote Learning Fails Students

On today’s Daily Virus we have breaking news from the Wall Street Journal!  The U.S. economy recovered significant ground in third-quarter GDP rebound. And the virus is not the only entity where numbers re shooting up – wait until you hear about our movie ObamaGate! 

Van Morrison has a new song out – the biggest rebel in Ireland is a grumpy old Northern Ireland Protestant.  It’s not a conspiracy of course, but China has ate our lunch.  And as we have been telling you all along online schooling is a failure – lets hear even more evidence.  

And its not just the virus that is seeing a surge – homicides are shooting up in American cities and the media just cant understand why.  And the media is doing its best to paint a picture of virus related death and destruction and pin it on the president – will they succeed?

Watch the ObamaGate Movie: https://youtu.be/Qqi5Cv4OFJg