Disney: Too Woke and Now Broke

Welcome back to the Ann & Phelim Scoop! We are officially back from Israel, a country in trauma, but a country that is slowly healing and united in its opposition to the brutality of Hamas. Israel is also united in its disdain for Ireland and quite honestly, the disdain is justified. We begin with a story about one of Irelands leading journalists, who boasts about withholding information for the “good of the public.” That sounds a lot like media manipulation to us. We also briefly discuss COP28 and its president challenging all the climate nonsense. 

Then, Disney’s 100th year just happened to be the year of their downfall. Let’s just say, the world is fed up with woke ideologies being pushed left, right, and center in their films and now Disney is suffering the costs and enduring a major crisis. It’s safe to say, if you go woke, you go broke and the numbers don’t lie. Lastly, director Brock Heasley joins us today to discuss his new movie titled, “The Shift”. Brock is a writer, filmmaker, and artist in his past, he has launched online comics, written young adult contemporary novels. His new short movie is about an ordinary man receiving a job offer from the devil and is now being released by Angel Studios. This is not an episode you’ll want to miss!