BuzzFeed Exposed: Media Collusion

Media collusion is only getting worse and worse. And that’s why we’ve brought you The Kevin Spacey Trial: Unfiltered. In this episode, we give you the exclusive on what’s going on with Kevin Spacey’s current UK trial and 12 allegations of sexual abuse. We explain the basics of the UK trial system and we explain why you should care about the liberal Hollywood icon who probably doesn’t share your values. Then, talk about media collusion, Joe Biden made a HUGE mistake and the LA Times blatantly changed what was said, covering up his mistake. Lastly, we have a wonderful interview with our dear friend, Daniel Knauf, a Hollywood legend and genius creator, where he tells us his story and his exciting new projects geared to lighten up hearts in this cold, mad world.

Our friend Daniel Knauf, a Hollywood legend, genius creator of Carnival for HBO, has some very special projects that we’d like to share with you!

Here is Stupid Writer Tricks, his educational book for aspiring screenwriters.  

Then, to remind us of the joys of Christmas, family, and quality time together, here is his new project: Gingerland

You can find Daniel and his work by clicking here