A Year of Trans-Madness, Mob Justice, and Political Corruption

Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoyed the holidays. We’re taking a break ourselves, but we’re not leaving you without our presence! On today’s show, we are looking back on our favorite projects and moments from the past year. We spent a great deal of time covering the trans issue, so we want to highlight our play LBG Alliance vs. Mermaids. This verbatim play of court transcripts exposes the transgender lunacy that is becoming more and more pertinent in our world. 

Then, over the summer, we released a brand new scripted podcast about the downfall of actor Kevin Spacey. We told you the real story behind the headlines, where Leftist Hollywood added to the Me Too storm and allowed mob justice to destroy an innocent man’s life. We end by revisiting a few of our favorite creators and entertainers who joined us on the podcast. You won’t want to miss this recap!