77: Why Joe Biden Should NOT Kill The KeyStone Pipeline With Ezra Levant Of Rebel News!

Joe Biden may have KILLED the Keystone Pipeline project forever.

Not only will this cost America thousands of high-paying jobs during one of the worst recessions in American history, but it’s will also cut off America’s access to oil and gas that isn’t from a country with serious human rights violations.

On today’s podcast, we are joined by energy expert and free speech warrior Ezra Levant of Canada’s Rebel News. Ezra takes us through Biden’s disastrous decision and explains why Biden is WRONG when he claims killing Keystone will help fight climate change.

Also in today’s episode, we take a look at Black Lives Matter who has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Can you believe that?

We also give you an update on our newest neighbor . . . Hunter Biden (we’re not joking), we remember our dear friend and mentor Orson Bean and we give you a delicious recipe for macaroni and cheese!