Theater *CENSORS* “Oh Gosnell”

The left claims that their ideas, motives, and morals are superior. But the second you put them up to any scrutiny, they will come for you in a vicious way. We’re currently in New York City for the opening of our play, “Oh Gosnell: The Truth About Abortion,” where we tell the TRUTH, through verbatim transcripts of the trial of the heinous abortionist, Kermit Gosnell.

We’re putting on this play to fight back against Hollywood’s superstar pro-abortion play running at the exact same time. The NYC theater world, as part of the broader left, hates ANY scrutiny.

Today we discuss how we were almost ran out of town on false pretenses, with our original theater REVOKING our contract and accusing us of fraud. Thankfully, we have found a new theater. The show must go on! All this and more on today’s show.