The Free Speech Trial of the Century

Welcome back to the Ann and Phelim Scoop. We’re in still in Washington, DC covering week three of the Mark Steyn defamation trial. As you might recall, Climate activist Michael Mann, is suing Steyn for calling his hockey stick graph a fraud, and Mann is close to wrapping up his case. We’re in the courtroom every day bringing you the most exciting and dramatic parts of the trial through verbatim reenactments on our daily podcast: Climate Change on Trial. 

If you haven’t listened, you need to now. The reviews are in and people are loving it. We are flying up the podcast popularity charts, currently in the top 10 science podcasts worldwide. It seems people really love the truth. So, do yourself a favor and find the podcast by going to, or by searching “Climate Change on Trial” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. On today’s show, we’re bringing you the latest episode of the Free Speech trial of the century. 

Listen to Episode One here: