The EU Wants To Ban Twitter

This week’s Scoop is a bit different, but still incredible! We have arrived back from Scotland after attending an incredible friend’s funeral. We share some words of our dear friend, John Bullough, who has passed and talk about his legacy to honor him. He was an incredible man who has saved countless of lives by setting up the Scottish Air Ambulance Association, so please take a listen. We also discuss how the EU wants to ban Twitter for not agreeing to join the EU’s anti-misinformation pact, and how the EU is setting a dangerous precedent about banning free information and free speech. This is why we have decided to re-share our interview with James O’Keefe. This interview is important because it shows exactly why sharing the truth with the world is crucial to society. 

Below is a poem written by John Bulloughs Grandfather when he was a POW in Germany, and read by Johns father at his funeral.

To Every Life

Read by Debbie Cave and Victoria Pembroke
Written by John’s Grandfather, Louis Lee-Graham

To every life there is a break.
To every night a dawn;
But where’s the love without an ache,
The rose without a thorn?
There is no joy without its pain,
No hope without its fear;
But see how sunshine follows rain,
How every cloud will clear.

To every life there is a choice,
Between the right and wrong;
But where’s the soul without a voice?
The bird without a song?
There is no good that has no flaw,
No light that will not dim;
But see how order follows law,
How every hedge will trim!

To every life there is an end,
To every wheel a stop;
But where’s the buy without a spend,
The spin without the top?
There is no time without its toil,
No use without its wear;
But see how richly bears the soil,
The wealth there is to share!