Robert Davi On Making “My Son Hunter”

“My Son Hunter” is trending on Twitter with over 3.5 million views! People are tired of the media cover-up and are eager to hear the truth we are bringing with this film. On this week’s Scoop we chat with our esteemed director and friend Robert Davi to bring you behind the scenes insight into the making and meaning of “My Son Hunter.” Robert explains his process in bringing this story to life and delving into the emotional and real life personas of the Biden family. Plus, we were thrilled to have Truth Social host a panel review of the film trailer with none other than Donald Trump Jr. as one of the panelists. We also look into Mark Zuckerburg’s response to the Hunter Biden cover-up on Joe Rogan’s podcast and share Anne’s recent run-in with the media censorship police for an unbelievable reason.