The Inspector General’s Report: Verbatim

The IG Report is a unique, verbatim podcast of the full Inspector General’s Report, released in December 2019. The original report examined the legality of the FISA warrant that kicked off the Russia investigation and the legality of other ways the Trump campaign and presidency was monitored and investigated. The podcast is narrated by actor Adam Baldwin. 

Baldwin, best known for his roles in movies Full Metal Jacket and Firefly and the television series Chuck and The Last Ship, narrates every word of the Inspector General’s Report which reveals the truth behind the unprecedented decision of the FBI to investigate a presidential campaign during an election. Baldwin’s verbatim reading was released as a multi-episode podcast under the banner of The Ann And Phelim Scoop podcast. Each chapter featured a single chapter of the report. 

The IG Report reveals the existence of forces within the FBI and federal government who were so desperately hoped to prevent Donald Trump’s election as president that they unethically used official government channels to try to prevent that from happening. Clearly, they failed. However, the IG Report’s revelations should be of concern to us all because it reveals deep corruption within the FBI. 

The IG Report podcast is produced by Phelim McAleer, who popularized the “verbatim” genre in the United States. Verbatim podcasts like The IG Report are produced using only the actual words from headline-making trials and investigations. The podcast is currently available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms.

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