OCTOBER 7 – What’s Next? 

It’s hard to believe, but the inaugural run of OCTOBER 7– The Play is over. But this is not the end. On today’s episode of the Scoop, we’re reflecting on the incredible journey we’ve been on with our latest project. Tal Shimony is one of those survivors we interviewed for OCTOBER 7, and today, we have a wide-ranging conversation with Tal about how her life has changed since that fatal day, and how it felt to see her story on stage. Her world was completely shattered, but she remains hopeful and loving. Tal is also promoting the Nova Exhibition, which is a tribute to the more than 360 young people who were killed while attending the music festival. You can learn more by visiting here: http://novaexhibition.com

We also touch on Kevin Spacey – is the world waking up to the miscarriage of justice that destroyed his career? We walk you through why Spacey has never been convicted by a jury (spoiler: it’s because he’s innocent). Listen to our podcast about the allegation that started it all, The Kevin Spacey Trial: Unfiltered. Lastly, we’re sharing one of the most eloquent defenses of life we’ve ever heard, from someone who survived abortion. You won’t want to miss it!