Mark Steyn’s Warning For Us All

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you have your chocolates and are ready to listen to today’s episode. We are finally back from DC where we covered the free speech trial of the century with our latest podcast: Climate Change on Trial. In case you didn’t know, Mark Steyn was sued by Penn State climate scientist and activist, Michael Mann for defamation. By having actors reenact court transcripts verbatim, we brought you the most exciting exchanges from the courtroom. If you haven’t listened to the podcast, now is the time! Find the whole trial on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. 

Also in this episode, we interview John Ondrasik, the man better known as Five for Fighting. He’s a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter of hits like Superman, and It’s Not Easy. He even wrote a song for us for the Gosnell movie, “We Are the Innocent.” Today he joins us to discuss his latest song: “OK”. It’s about the horrors that took place on October 7th and the shocking response from the world following it. And since it’s Valentine’s Day, we end with a delightful recipe from the archives: a chocolate lava cake.  

Find John’s song here: