LA’s Mask Mandate Mayhem

We’re back this week and we have exciting updates on the Hunter Biden movie coming your way. Our true crime podcast “Serial Killer: A True Crime Podcast” has reached the Top Ten on the charts and is receiving a plethora of reactions. Besides the many positive reviews, we’ve found various listeners who were shocked and even angry to discover after listening to the series that it reveals the truth about abortion. Meanwhile, Los Angeles’ county health director Dr. Barbara Ferrer, who is not a medical doctor, proposed enforcing another mask mandate all to be met with widespread opposition and the revelation that her data did not align with the CDC’s. Also on this episode, we recall how Germany laughed when Trump warned the UN to not be dependent on Russian energy in 2018, but it’s not so funny now that they are facing a massive energy crisis. We bring you all this and more of the left’s shenanigans from redefining “definition” to media lies about an Alabama execution.