Ireland Rejects the Plan to Erase Women

Welcome back to the Scoop! In this episode, Phelim takes the reins of the show as Ann is out sick. First and foremost, we discuss how Irish voters overwhelmingly reject woke amendments to their constitution. We bring you the story and what it could mean for the future of Ireland’s politics. Then, lies about Gaza keep piling on. It should be no surprise that Hamas lied about the number of people killed in the current conflict. 

We also discuss the launch of Mark Steyn’s appeal against the defamation judgment against him. Furthermore, how the Oscars keeps declining and boring the public more every year. Lastly, we are joined by David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress. He’s one of the greatest journalists living in America today and he shares his latest investigation and revelations on how Planned Parenthood is still selling baby parts, but this time, they want royalties and intellectual property included on the baby’s bodies they have sold. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss.