Hunter Biden HIDES From Journalists

HIDIN’ HUNTER BIDEN: “He’s not gonna come down and answer any questions.” 

  • Before his softball interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Hunter Biden spent his morning hiding and dodging questions from journalists in his Venice mansion.
  • Secret Service: “He’s not gonna come down and answer any questions.”
  • “Come down Hunter,” Journalist and film producer Phelim McAleer urges Hunter Biden to answer questions about Bursima, the laptop, and his federal gun background check.
  • RUDE SURPRISE: Hunter Biden looks out onto Venice Canals to see filmmaker and journalist calling out questions in a kayak. 

Los Angeles, CA — After taking softball interviews from friendly liberal outlets like “Good Morning America,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Marc Maron Show,” it appears Hunter Biden is avoiding questions from journalists who will ask him tough questions. 

Investigative journalist and “My Son Hunter” producer Phelim McAleer traveled to Hunter’s home in Venice, California to ask him questions about the laptop, Burisma, and other scandals that were left unanswered in Hunter’s new memoir “Beautiful Little Things” that was released by Simon & Schuster last week.


McAleer rang the doorbell of Hunter’s Venice mansion and a male voice, who McAleer recognized to be Hunter Biden, answered over the intercom.  

Immediately, a Secret Service agent jumped out of a car parked parallel to the mansion and told the journalists that Hunter would not be taking any of their questions even though Hunter was set to appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that very night.

McAleer: I’m here to ask him some questions.  Who are you sir? 

Secret Service: I work with the Secret Service.  We’re not gonna be taking any questions. 

. . .

Secret Service: He’s not gonna take any questions.  He’s not going to come down so . . . You can stay as long as you want, but he’s not gonna come down and answer any questions.  

Since the release of what was presumed to be a “tell-all” memoir, Hunter has been keeping some of the public’s most pressing questions to himself.  Earlier this month, McAleer attempted to question Hunter at his home in Venice and was told by the Secret Service, “Nobody’s here by that name [Hunter Biden].”

In an effort to attract Hunter’s attention, McAleer took a boat onto the Venice canals that run alongside Hunter’s Los Angeles mansion to ask him the questions reporters refuse to ask.  

Among the questions were: 

  • Is Joe Biden the “big guy” who is referred to in the laptop emails.  Was he getting a “10%” cut of Hunter’s foreign business dealings?
  • Is this your signature on the laptop receipt from the laptop repair shop?
  • Did you lie on a federal background check for your gun by saying you were not using drugs? 

McAleer also held up signs with copies of the laptop receipt and the gun background check which both appear to include Hunter’s own signature.  

The questions being yelled through a megaphone prompted Hunter to look out his window overlooking the canals.  McAleer recognized him and captured a long-range photo.  He watched as McAleer called out questions but declined to leave the mansion or come out to speak with the journalists. 

“Hunter Biden refuses to answer any serious questions about the allegations against him,” explained McAleer.  “Instead, he relies on softball questions and coverups from the mainstream media to carry his lies and the ridiculous claim that he doesn’t remember if the laptop is his.  It’s funny that someone who claims to forget everything about his scandals has the ability to write a memoir. Hunter may not have answered us today but we will be back and we will have our questions answered.” 

McAleer is not only an investigative journalist but also the producer behind The Hunter Biden Movie “My Son Hunter,” which was first reported in the Daily Mail.  The producers and journalists behind “Gosnell: The Trial Of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” are crowdfunding for the new film about Hunter Biden which will expose the truth behind Hunter Biden’s scandals and their direct connection to President Joe Biden.  Much of the film will be set in Ukraine and will center around Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s controversial business dealings. 

Actors in the film have yet to be announced but Laurence Fox who is best known for his roles in “Victoria” and “Becoming Jane” and who is also the controversial leader of the United Kingdom’s Reclaim Party, has told The Telegraph he has been approached and is considering playing the role of Hunter Biden.

Donors can join the campaign to fund the movie by donating online at  In exchange for their donations, some donors will receive exclusive merchandise from the film.  

McAleer and McElhinney are some of the world’s most successful crowdfunders, having raised over $2.3 million for their abortion film “Gosnell” which recently was the first political movie to be screened at the Trump White House.  It opened in over 700 theaters. McAleer’s play “FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers with Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) was the first play performed at CPAC.