Episode: #31: Will Bernie Sanders’ Socialism Win?

On this week’s episode of The Ann & Phelim Scoop, we preview the play’s premiere at the conservative conference this weekend. The left has gone absolutely unhinged at the thought of CPAC attendees seeing the truth behind the Russia collusion hoax. But it isn’t just the left – some on the right have displayed the same outrage. We discuss.

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Speaking of deranged leftists, we also touch on the latest from the campaign trail. It looks like Bernie Sanders has locked up his party’s nomination and members of the liberal elite aren’t having it. We also cover some climate change news and the very creepy move Mike Bloomberg is making in an attempt to “fight” it.

During our time in New York, we’ve spent some time in a few bookstores and are shocked to see how much “woke literature” is on the shelves and directed at children! From feminism to intersectionality, it seems like every one of the left’s favorite issues has made its way into children’s literature. We also cover two absurd articles from the New York Times and talk about a new form of activism: “rage baking.” We also have a special *Not* Crazy California segment – it’s time for some good news from the west coast! We wrap up the show talking about the film The Hunt, which is finally making its way to movie theaters very soon. We discuss why conservatives may be wrong to condemn it.

Fbi Lovebirds at CPAC 1:51
Sanders nomination 12:50
Woke literature 16:26
Feminist cookbook 22:34
Climate Change/Bloomberg 25:02
Knitting and climate change 28:24
Met Art Commission 31:09
Not crazy California 34:00
The Hunt 35:46