Episode #12: Kidnapped by Climate Radicals!

Phelim has been in San Francisco covering David Daleiden’s court battle against Planned Parenthood and Phelim also interviewed (or attempted to interview) two Planned Parenthood executives in San Francisco. On the podcast, we share the exclusive videos of both interactions and their reactions to Phelim’s tough questions.

Additionally, Ann discusses her recent speech at Oklahoma State University, sponsored by Young America’s Foundation. In the days leading up to the event, OSU students vandalized all the posters advertising the lectures. Watch the latest episode to find out how the event turned out!

And this week, Phelim looks back at a frightening encounter he and Magda had with protesters at Standing Rock. At one point, these climate radicals barricade them in their car! You have to hear this incredible story.

Stay tuned for next week and our special guest!