DV #94: Will Students Ever Recover From COVID Learning Loss?

Some new statistics out of Tennessee show that learning loss for students could be even worse than we imagined.  Literacy rates for third graders are estimated to drop over 50%! We discuss these shocking stats and the need to reopen schools again.  Also on the topic of schools, DC has a silly new rule for school reopenings that could prevent some students from getting in the classroom…

We also discuss the history of “panic” in America and the world about the spread of diseases.  We specifically take a look at HIV/AIDS and how when the disease first began to spread, the government launched a massive awareness campaign that pushed panic on the whole population when in reality only a specific population was likely to contract the condition.  Sound familiar?

Lastly, we finish up with a story out of the U.K. where a politician was caught not knowing his COVID facts on air.  You’ll get a kick out of this one!

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