DV #87: Schools Reopen “After The Election” Says LA’s Public Health Director

Dr. Barbara Ferrer is LA County’s Public Health Director.  She’s not a doctor and yet she pockets over $500,000 in her taxpayer paid salary every year.  Shocking new audio has been leaked that caught Ferrer discussing school reopenings and their ties to the election in LA County.  We discuss what this means for LA schools and one of the most loathed public health directors in the country. 

Also on today’s episode we discuss the U.K.’s disastrous new “Rule Of Six”  which will make most gatherings of 6 or more illegal. 

We also bring you sad news about the possible excess deaths from the lockdown.  Millions across the world are going without critical care due to COVID rules and fear of contracting the virus.  When will politicians realize they are doing more harm than good?

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