DV #84: Nancy Pelosi Claims She Was Set Up, Demands Apology From Salon

It’s our first solo episode with Phelim on his own as Ann is off in North Carolina for one of the first political events in a very long time!   On today’s episode Phelim brings you the latest on the #PelosiBlowout scandal.  Nancy Pelosi was caught getting her hair done in a San Francisco salon even though salons in that county have been closed for 6 months. The. video footage, leaked by the salon owner, also shows Pelosi walking around the salon without wearing a mask.  The video has made a huge splash and has garnered a response from Pelosi who claims she was “set up” and that the salon should apologize.  You can’t make this stuff up . . .

Also on today’s episode we bring you stories about the truth of socialized medicine, the expanding national debt, South Dakota, and more!

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