DV #60: Fauci Has Been WRONG

Today we’re podcasting from Wine County in Sonoma, California!  After the virus madness — we tried to get away for the weekend up north.  It was a delightful weekend but an interesting one as the coronavirus regulations have devastated California’s beautiful wine country, an area that has barely been affected by the coronavirus.  We give you the scoop on what to expect next time you and your family travel during these strange times. 

We also visit some good-ish news — it looks like Dr. Fauci may be on his way out the door.  It appears the Trump administration is pivoting to question some of Fauci’s biggest mistakes handling (or mishandling) the COVID epidemic.  Dr. Fauci has been wrong REPEATEDLY and he has costs thousands of businesses and lives in the process. 

Also on today’s episode we examine some shocking quotes about the hospitalization rates throughout the country.  The media wants you to believe that hospital crowding is an anomaly due to COVID — but is it?

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