Disney Destroys Children’s Innocence

We have got a packed episode for you today! First, we begin by detailing our latest project, Evidence – A Photographic Exhibition. Opening this Friday, this exhibition of true crime scene photographs unveils the horrors of Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion clinic. As states gear up to pass even more extreme abortion laws, we talk about the significance of this project and why we chose to open in Ohio. Then, it seems our dear friends, director Josh Fox and Los Angeles Public Health Official Barbara Ferrer, are incapable of telling the truth. We bring you an exclusive look into the madness they’ve promoted in regard to Hamas and their massacre of Jews.

We also bring you the latest from the mad union between BLM, Hamas, and college campuses. Then, we turn our sights towards Australia which had a huge Trumpian moment, or, Brexit moment for our British friends out there, but of course, the mainstream media won’t explain how or why. Last but not least, we share an exclusive interview with our friend, John Nolte, a senior writer at Breitbart. John is one of the greatest writers in the English language and he joins us to talk about Disney’s effect on children and his new novel titled: Borrowed Time, which has a very interesting and applicable premise. Don’t miss out on today’s episode – there’s a lot to cover! For more information on our exhibit, visit EvidenceTheExhibition.com