Defund The FBI?

Is it time to defund the FBI? In a fake plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, which took the media by storm, it’s been discovered that the FBI was behind this wild charade the whole time. Phelim explains why we should consider defunding the FBI – from the Russia collusion hoax to this most recent hoax – the FBI is doing more harm than good.

This week we’re joined by two special guests. Mark Paoletta, a former Trump administration official and an expert on Clarence Thomas. Mark joins us to discuss the misinformation being spread by liberal journalists about Ginni Thomas, Clarence Thomas’ wife. You’ll love this inside look at how Mark debunks so many of the ridiculous smear campaigns against Ginni.

Also on this week’s episode we are joined by My Son Hunter writer Brian Godawa to discuss his escape from liberal California to the suburbs of Dallas. He tells us how he went from a condo to a big house in Texas and how others can help navigate these waters.