CENSORED: Twitter Secretly Removes #ObamaGate From Search Function After Over 3.5 Million Tweets

After days of trending, Twitter wipes the phrase from the platform’s search function.

ObamaGate The Movie Producer Slams Twitter For China-Like Censorship

LOS ANGELES, CA  –  During their marketing campaign for ObamaGate The Movie starring Dean Cain (Young Superman) and Kristy Swanson (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), the film’s producers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, have discovered the phrase “ObamaGate” has been secretly removed from Twitter’s search function. 

The phrase was made popular in May when President Trump tweeted “OBAMAGATE” in response to the news that President Barack Obama was aware of the Deep State corruption at the FBI and DOJ and the attempt to take down Michael Flynn as part of a larger scheme to derail the Trump administration. 

The film’s producer and co-writer, Phelim McAleer, slammed Twitter for their censorship, “ObamaGate trended on Twitter for days and was tweeted over 3.5 million times, according to the Independent, and now it has been completely removed from Twitter’s search function.  This is China-like censorship in America.  Twitter is selectively editing history right before our eyes and it has to stop.  We must hold Twitter accountable.”

When searching on Twitter for the “latest tweets” for “Obamagate” users report finding zero, one, or two tweets under the hashtag that should at least show 3.5 million tweets according to reporting from the Independent.  

Reporting in the Washington Examiner, Refinery29, and In Print further confirm that the phrase should show millions of results when searched for on Twitter. 

McAleer doubled down on the importance of independently funded films like ObamaGate The Movie, “The media, big tech, and the Washington establishment have made it perfectly clear that ObamaGate the Movie disrupts their narrative.  This film must be made and debuted online for free, without big tech censorship so Americans can decide the truth about Russia collusion and FBI corruption on their own accord.”

ObamaGate The Movie is a verbatim play that will be filmed “Hamilton style” in Los Angeles. It will be released in early October as Showtime releases a big budget, pro-Comey mini-series called “The Comey Rule” and FBI Lovebird Peter Strzok publishes his self-aggrandising memoir.  

Filmmaker, journalist, and podcaster Phelim McAleer seeks to raise $150,000 to produce the film which will be released on YouTube for free.  

The film is directed by veteran director Kiff Scholl and co-written by Brian Godawa.  Godawa is a veteran screenwriter with credits including “To End All Wars” starring Keifer Sutherland. More information and the crowdfunding campaign can be accessed at ObamagateMovie.com