BIDEN HYPOCRISY: Hunter Biden’s House Surrounded By “Racist” Walls

Los Angeles, CA — While his father, President Joe Biden, grapples with one of the largest immigration crises in recent history, it appears Hunter Biden is a fan of walls for keeping out unwanted visitors.  Hunter Biden’s $5.4 million home in Venice Beach, California is surrounded by high walls, security cameras, and Secret Service agents. 

“My Son Hunter” producer Phelim McAleer traveled to Hunter’s Venice home this week to ask the president’s son questions about his business dealing, the laptop and emails that apparently set aside a 10% cut for President Joe Biden in one of his controversial foreign deals. 

A Secret Service agent opened a gate when McAleer arrived and denied Hunter Biden lived in the house. There were three Secret Service cars parked outside the house and Hunter Biden has been pictured leaving and entering the house in the exclusive Venice Canals area of Los Angeles.

“I don’t think it should be the job of the Secret Service to lie and run interference between Hunter Biden and a  journalist just asking questions. It’s not their job to stop legitimate journalism that is seeking the truth.”

The unusual relationship between Secret Service agents and Hunter Biden has come under intense scrutiny after Politico reported that agents tried to intervene in a police  incident when his then girlfriend threw his gun into a dumpster. Their intervention came even though Hunter Biden was not under Secret Service protection at the time.

McAleer said the home exposed the left’s hypocrisy about border security.

“When I got to Hunter’s house, I was shocked to see it was surrounded by large walls,” said producer Phelim McAleer.  “This is pure hypocrisy from the left.  They claim that walls don’t work and that they’re “racist” and then they use them to protect their own homes and property.  Walls for me, but not for thee.” 

President Joe Biden took swift action in halting the construction of the border wall in his first few days as president.  Prominent members of the left like Beto O’Rourke have even gone as far as calling border walls “racist.”  And on President Joe Biden’s website, he calls walls an “obsession” of former President Trump that “does nothing to address security challenges.”