76: Kamala Harris TARGETS Pro-Life Journalist, David Daleiden On His Battle vs Planned Parenthood!

David Daleiden was the journalist who exposed the damning truth about Planned Parenthood: Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts.

His undercover videos shocked the world and garnered millions of views. And then David was targeted by Kamala Harris for exposing the truth about abortion. In fact, Kamala Harris sent armed law enforcement officers to David’s home to harass him and seize his tapes after David exposed Planned Parenthood’s crimes!

On today’s Ann & Phelim Scoop, David joins us to discuss how he was targeted by Kamala Harris and his ongoing legal battle with Planned Parenthood.

You’re going to love hearing from David.  He’s one of the few true journalists left in the world who is willing to sacrifice his life and comfort to expose the truth.

Also on today’s episode, we give you updates on big tech’s censorship of conservatives, the Keystone Pipeline, and much more.  We hope you enjoy this episode — please share us with your friends!

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