#59: Peter Strzok’s Shameless New Book and Australia’s Extreme Lockdown With Miranda Devine!

Peter Strzok is at it again! The disgraced FBI agent, who we featured in our play FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers, released a new book this week. We’re not surprised that despite a whole book – Strzok neglected to mention his Trump texts – in which he discussed launching the Russia collusion hoax as an “insurance policy” against Donald Trump’s election. The mainstream media has been trying to downplay the texts as just “anti-Trump” political opinion but this is a lie. They were part of a conspiracy by the upper echelons of the FBI to derail the Trump candidacy and presidency. They, and their mainstream media colluders, really are the enemy of the people.

Journalist Miranda Devine joins us and discusses a crazy story from her native Australia about a pregnant woman who was ARRESTED for sharing an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook. In New York, where Miranda currently lives, the absurd pandemic regulations are almost as bad. We discuss Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s failure to keep the pandemic in check and the shocking real reason they want to keep the restaurants closed. It seems DeBlasio thinks people who eat in restaurants are wealthy and should be punished!  Can New York rebound after such a failure? Tune in to hear Miranda’s answer.

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