#55: Is TikTok A Disaster For National Security? With The Epoch Times’ Joshua Philipp!

Have you heard about the TikTok craze that has Generation Z hooked on the short video app?  Should TikTok be banned in the United States?  Should you let your own children and grandchildren use it?

Joshua Philipp of the Epoch Times is a renowned China expert and he has the inside scoop on the controversial app.  You’ll love this informative episode!

Many of you enjoyed last week’s take on Michelle Obama’s podcast, so this week we’re discussing all of the hypocrisy in episode two.  On the second episode of Michelle Obama’s podcast, she invited another guest from her inner circle – Michelle Norris of NPR. Unsurprisingly, this episode was filled with as much hypocrisy as the last!

We end this week’s episode on a lighter note. Recently, a “Karen” at a Kroger grocery store harassed an employee named Andy, who she believed “didn’t do enough” to force her fellow shoppers to wear masks. Thankfully, the internet sided with “Kroger Andy” and a GoFundMe set up in his name has already raised over $20,000! We love hearing stories like that. If you know of any – send them our way!

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